Navy Custom Golf Ferrule - Rudy 2.0


The Rudy 2.0 Edition custom ferrule is for that player that never gives up when down big to their mates. The custom ferrule has a navy colored base with Green/Gold/Navy rings. Keep persevering because your mate could hang an 8 at any time.


Color Rings Length Inside Diameter Hosel Outside Diameter

Navy Base

Green/Gold/Navy 30mm (1.18") .355 or .370 .550


Installation:  These custom ferrules are available in both a .355 tapered diameter and a .370 parallel diameter.  Please select the appropriate size for your build. Our ferrules can be turned down and shined with acetone.

Quality:  Shaft Connect takes pride in offering the highest quality ferrules in the market. This ferrule uses a proprietary blend of plastics that creates a strong and flexible profile - allowing it to expand and contract to prevent cracking or breaking.  All ferrules are hand inspected and meeting exacting standards.  




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