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Custom Ferrules

Dark blue gray golf ferrule - lake sunset
Blue Custom Ferrules
Gray Red Black Golf Ferrule
Rainbow Color Golf Ferrule - Sprinkles
Black Custom Golf Ferrule - Buckets
Black with Gold Silver Custom Golf Ferrule - Coach Prime 2.0
Red White and Blue Custom Golf Ferrule - The Patriot 2.0
Blue Orange Golf Ferrule - Bonilla Payday
Military Golf Ferrule
White Custom Ferrule Blue Top - Project North
Sold outBaby Blue Custom Golf Ferrule - Vinsanity
White Golf Ferrule
Black and Blue Custom Golf Ferrules
Gray Blue Custom Golf - Brain Fog
Custom Black Ferrule - Inferno
White Grey Golf Ferrules
Bumble Bee Tuna 2.0 Yellow Golf Ferrule
White Custom Golf Ferrule - Mamba
Burnt Orange Golf Ferrule
Grey Beige Custom Ferrule - Retrofit
Grey Beige Custom Golf Ferrule - Retrofit Sale priceFrom $3.49 Regular price$4.50
red white blue golf ferrule - the patriot
Sold outWhite Green Ferrule - Rough Cut
Gray Rainbow Ferrule - Chalk It
Navy Custom Ferrule - Rudy 2.0
Sold outWhite Custom Golf Ferrule - Snow Cone
Sold outMint Green Golf Ferrule - Newport

custom golf ferrules

Golf ferrules with bespoke designs

Designs: Our custom ferrules are designed in house with colorways that are sure to enhance the look of your golf equipment. Sold individually, you can mix and match designs so that your clubs are uniquely different.

Installation: These custom ferrules are available in both a .355 tapered diameter and a .370 parallel diameter.  Please select the appropriate size for your build. Our ferrules can be turned down and shined with acetone.

Quality: Shaft Connect takes pride in offering the highest quality ferrules in the market. This ferrule uses a proprietary blend of plastics that creates a strong and flexible profile - allowing it to expand and contract to prevent cracking or breaking.  All ferrules are hand inspected and meeting exacting standards.  

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Golf Ferrules