Gray Custom Golf Ferrule - Brain Fog


Stay alert on the course with the Brain Fog Edition custom golf ferrule. The custom ferrule has a hazy gray colored base and 3 different shades of Brain Fog to keep your clubs in sync with the party in your head on the back 9.


Color Rings Length Inside Diameter Hosel Outside Diameter
Hazy Gray Base Brain Fog Edition 30mm (1.18") .355 or .370 .550


Installation:  These custom ferrules are available in both a .355 tapered diameter and a .370 parallel diameter.  Please select the appropriate size for your build. Our ferrules can be turned down and shined with acetone.

Quality:  Shaft Connect takes pride in offering the highest quality ferrules in the market. This ferrule uses a proprietary blend of plastics that creates a strong and flexible profile - allowing it to expand and contract to prevent cracking or breaking.  All ferrules are hand inspected and meeting exacting standards.  




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